The 15 Papers on this website put forward a new approach to how we can naturally cure and prevent many diseases, infections, illnesses and other conditions.

If you suffer from a health problem (either physical or mental) that medical science has not been able to fix, the ideas may be able to assist you.

The ideas are novel .. that is, they have not been previously suggested. And they have not yet been examined and tested by medical science. I hope this will happen soon.

The ideas are based on a DIFFERENT understanding of our human evolution. This leads to a DIFFERENT understanding of how today's human body actually works. And this then leads to a DIFFERENT approach to curing and preventing many health problems.

I am confident that, in time, many of the ideas will form part of mainstream medical science.

Please note that I am not a Doctor. I have had no training in medical science or other area of science. My training and career were in law.

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Love one another and care for our planet,


Gee Ryan (Gerald)

16 November 2014



Gee Ryan (Gerald), Artist & Science Explorer, in front of his painting, Love One Another Basin, 2000. 
[Photo by Paul Loughnan, Melbourne, 2015.]


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