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Hello Mr Ryan, We have a place here in Montreal that has a float tank with salt. I went in one day and spoke to the lade there and she said that after a patient floated in the salt water tank the room stank with the smell of cigaretts. It must of come out of his body. When I was in Australia I met a lady that had a "salt store" She was on Military road in Sydney. I thought you had written a book. I would like any information you have as I am thinking of starting an information center where people can become aware of information like yours and other healing methods like H302 water and using electricity to kill parasites. Have you heard of this> Robert beck ? I bought all books by dinshah that used light to heal in 1900's and they tried to stop him and he had a trial and won and they burned his books!! I don't understand what the microbiota eat? I am shocked to hear that Doctors did not take you seriously! If you want I could try here in Canada. I know a special doctor Rozenswaig here in montreal and he is famous and was on the news and the front cover of Mcleans magazine and wrote books. I was his patient and he knew my mother. I could talk to him if you want? Avery
avery Kravitz | Canada - Thursday, 31 December 2015 3:04:03 AM reply
Hello, All you ideas are ahead of your time. You are a genius and I have a doctor in Cameroon that might be willing to document your work. All you need is a microscope.
avery Kravitz | Canada - Friday, 11 December 2015 12:40:15 PM reply
Gee, Well done on getting your papers published. I like your thinking and have long had that notion that many cancers and illnesses we are enduring today have to be due to something we are ingesting, breathing or absorbing. I also strongly agree that we have sweat glands for a reason and to block them is unnatural. After suffering "IBS" "Fibromyalgia" and associated anxiety and depression for many years, correcting my gut bacteria and removing gluten from my diet was instrumental in my road to recovery and I no longer live with inflammation in my body nor the "foggy brain" syndrome. My conditions above along with another were undiagnosed or misdiagnosed and I was often made to feel like a hypochondriac and recommended anti-depressants. I think you are correct in that the medical profession need to re-think the way they diagnose and treat disease - look for the reason not put a bandaid on with medication. The thing is we have had all the remedies and cures all along in the form of nature. We all know too well that pharmaceutical companies have a huge stake in the medical industry. I wish you all the best and hope that you are taken seriously.
Gabrielle | Melbourne, Australia - Monday, 24 November 2014 5:11:59 PM reply
Well done on getting these papers done! You've worked very hard on this and I look forward to the response you receive.
Hollie | Australia - Monday, 24 November 2014 11:25:23 AM reply
I am overjoyed on your behalf that you have achieved your long term goal to write these papers. I am at least partly aware of what has been involved in order to achieve this outcome. Congratulations and well done!
Kevin | Australia - Thursday, 20 November 2014 4:03:30 PM reply
I hope these papers will be helpful to people. Love one another and care for our planet, Gee
Gee | Melbourne - Tuesday, 18 November 2014 5:14:10 PM reply