Appendix: Background information about the author, Gee Ryan (Gerald)

I am an Artist & Science Explorer. For many years, I was also a lawyer. I live on the Mornington Peninsula, near Melbourne, Australia. I am the father of five adult children (from the one marriage .. now divorced) and the grandfather of an increasing number of grandchildren. As at November 2014, I am aged 65.

I have had no training in medical science or any other area of science.

People call me either "Gee" or "Gerald".


I have painted naturally since childhood. My paintings are joyful and colourful.

They reflect my central belief that, in order for humanity to achieve a peaceful and lasting future, each of us needs to live our life in accordance with two principles: love one another .. and .. care for our planet.

My paintings form part of various private collections in Australia.

One of the paintings from my Love One Another Basin series has been acquired by the world-renowned Luciano Benetton Collection, based in Milan, Italy. Please see Looking Down Under Contemporary Artists from Australia. This book has been produced to accompany the Australian contemporary art part of the Luciano Benetton Collection as it travels to the world's major art centres, showcasing the works of 210 established and emerging Australian painters.

If interested, you may wish to visit my art website,

Science exploration

Although I have had no training in medical science or any other area of science, I have for many years passionately explored a wide range of scientific matters .. especially in the areas of medical science, human evolution and human intelligence, as well as climate change, environmental science, certain aspects of astronomy, and the likely future for our species and planet.

My ideas on science are not based on existing knowledge in these fields. They are based on my own observations, my own thinking about these observations, and my own experiments including self-experiments. They therefore offer a new approach.

I have today (16 November 2014) published on this website many of my ideas on medical science. The ideas put forward a new approach to how we can naturally cure and prevent many diseases, infections, illnesses and other conditions, both physical and mental.

The ideas are novel .. that is, they have not been previously suggested. They are based on a DIFFERENT understanding of our human evolution. This leads to a DIFFERENT understanding of how today's human body actually works. And this then leads to a DIFFERENT approach to how we can cure and prevent many health problems.

I am confident that, in time, many of the ideas will form part of mainstream medical science.

Over the next few years, I am aiming to publish online the balance of my ideas on medical science as well as my ideas on the other areas of science I have explored.

Legal background

I graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master of Laws degree and Bachelor of Commerce degree.

For many years, I was a partner of a leading Australian and Asian law firm.

I was appointed a Life Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors .. FAICD (Life) .. the highest award conferred by this peak body for company directors in Australia.

I retired from legal practice 11 years ago (2003), allowing me to devote more time to my passionate interests in art and science.  

"Love one another"

I am not a religious person, not at all. But I am a very spiritual person. The two are quite different!

In Paper #15 on this website, I briefly explain my views on the significance of the washing by Jesus Christ of the feet of his Disciples at the Last Supper including the words he used to explain what he was doing and why. See the Gospel of John (John 13:1-20).

Immediately after this washing of feet, Jesus then FIVE times (!) gave his instruction for us to "love one another" .. meaning, for each of us to love ALL others. See John 13:34 (twice), John 13:35, John 15:12 and John 15:17.

By this giving of his "love one another" instruction five times, Jesus made it clear that this was his CENTRAL instruction.

My Love One Another Basin series of paintings shows my depiction of the basin (John 13:5) in which Jesus washed the feet of his Disciples at the Last Supper, immediately prior to his giving of the instruction.

The aim of these Love One Another Basin paintings is to remind us of the instruction and the need to "love one another" .. that is, to love ALL others.


Gee Ryan (Gerald), Artist & Science Explorer, in front of his painting, Love One Another Basin, 2000.
[Photo by Paul Loughnan, Melbourne, 2015.]




These 15 papers are dedicated to the memory of my wonderful parents, Laurie and Peg Ryan. They gave me everything, above all love.

Love one another and care for our planet,



Gee Ryan (Gerald)

16 November 2014



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