Paper #11: Alcoholism

Note: It is important to have read Paper #7 before reading this paper.

1. Possible cause of alcoholism:

The chemical composition of alcohol for consumption is carbon, hydrogen and oxygen .. C2H6O .. that is, ethanol*.

*Note: Alcoholic drinks are usually divided into three categories .. beer, wine and spirits .. containing approximately 3% to 40% ethanol by volume.

I think it is possible that the underlying cause of alcoholism for many people could be that they are deficient in carbon of the type which comes from the burning of wood or other pure organic matter.

As explained in Paper #7, these people will have feelings of anxiety or depression or up-and-down mood swings (bipolar), caused by their carbon deficiency.

And the reason they may crave alcohol could be because of the carbon it contains.

In other words, they may become hooked on alcohol because the carbon in the alcohol replenishes (for a short period only) the carbon they are missing and thereby alleviates (for a short period only) their feelings of anxiety or depression or up-and-down mood swings, caused by their carbon deficiency.

In the light of what I said in Paper #7, this could explain why many people who suffer from anxiety disorder, depression or bipolar disorder are also alcoholics or heavy drinkers.


2. Possible cure and prevention:

Although I was never a heavy drinker, not even close, I did find alcohol to be very pleasant.

However, it no longer tastes particularly pleasant to me .. and so I have a low desire for it.

In my view, this is the result of having ingested activated charcoal for a long period of time .. 10 years .. that is, from 2004 to now 2014. The consequence is that my body has had plenty of carbon in it, and so it has no longer needed the additional carbon which is contained in alcohol.

If medical research confirms this connection between a carbon deficiency and the excessive use of alcohol to be correct, then the ingestion of activated charcoal should be able to cure many people who suffer from alcoholism or who are heavy drinkers. And it should also be able to prevent many people from becoming alcoholics or heavy drinkers in the first place.

I think the dosages of activated charcoal that I recommend in Point 4 of Paper #7 to cure anxiety disorder, depression or bipolar disorder would also apply to the curing of alcoholism. And likewise, the warning in relation to possible adverse side-effects, and the need to see your Doctor before commencing with activated charcoal, also apply (see Point 4 of Paper #7).

Because the addiction to alcohol is an extremely strong one (my understanding is that it is more difficult for an alcoholic to give up alcohol than for a heroin addict to give up heroin), I think it is likely to take some months of ingesting activated charcoal before the alcoholic has a very low or zero desire for alcohol.

However, depending on a number of factors .. including the severity of the carbon deficiency, the dosage of activated charcoal, and the person's own metabolism .. I think it is likely that a reduced desire for alcohol should become apparent to the person within a few weeks after commencing with the activated charcoal.


3. Need for medical research:

Because the above ideas are novel, they have not yet been examined and tested by medical science.

It is my hope that the ideas will soon be examined and tested by medical research institutes, hospitals, university medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare companies, manufacturers of alcoholic beverages and other organisations.


4. Risk of possible adverse side-effects:

For all treatments recommended in this Paper #11, I repeat the warning in Point 3 of Paper #1:

"Almost all medical treatments carry with them the risk of possible adverse side-effects, either for all people or just for some people.

It is therefore VERY important that, before carrying out any of the treatments recommended in the papers, you first check with your Doctor that it will be safe for you to do.

This is especially important if you are very ill, if you are pregnant or might be pregnant, if you are elderly, or if you are taking any prescribed medication.

I am not a Doctor. And, as we all know, medical science is extremely complex. So, please make sure you first check with your Doctor before carrying out any of the recommended treatments.

And if, after commencing a treatment, you believe it might be causing an adverse side-effect, you should immediately stop the treatment and check with your Doctor."


That concludes Paper #11.

Next is Paper #12, in which I deal with some miscellaneous other matters relating to our health. 

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Love one another and care for our planet,


Gee Ryan (Gerald)

16 November 2014



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