Paper #8: Boosting our brain power

Note: It is important to have read Paper #7 before reading this paper.

1. Carbon from partly burnt wood:

As explained in Paper #7, carbon of the type that comes from the burning of wood or other pure organic matter is one of the key fuels for our brain.

It is possible to increase our intellectual capability and improve brain functioning generally .. that is, to boost our brain power .. by increasing the quantity of this fuel. This can be achieved by ingesting charcoal made from partly burnt wood or other pure organic matter.

You can make it yourself by partly burning wood that has come direct from a tree (not from treated wood or processed wood because they contain dangerous chemicals).

Or you can buy activated charcoal (also called activated carbon and medicinal charcoal) over-the-counter at a chemist shop or pharmacy.


2. Dosage:

The dosage of activated charcoal that is required for boosting brain power is less than the dosage required to fix a mental illness that has been caused by a depletion of carbon (see Paper #7).

As stated in Point 4 of Paper #7, it is VERY important to first check with your Doctor before commencing with activated charcoal. You need to ask your Doctor if activated charcoal will be safe for you, and to ask what dosage will be safe for you.

Subject to what your Doctor tells you, based on my own self-experiments, for boosting brain power (assuming your brain is NOT deficient in carbon .. if it is deficient, see the dosages in Point 4 of Paper #7), I would recommend initially ingesting about 3,000 milligrams of activated charcoal a day .. that is about 15 capsules of 200 milligrams (taken as 3 lots of 5) or 12 tablets of 250 milligrams (taken as 3 lots of 4), each day.

You may wish to vary this initial dosage, to make it higher or lower. Your body will tell you, in the same way that it tells you how much food to eat .. so listen to it.

I have been ingesting activated charcoal for 10 years, that is from 2004 to now 2014. And the resulting boost to my brain power during this period has been EXTRAORDINARY!

You will not notice the improvements immediately. This is likely to take some weeks or months, depending on a number of factors .. including the level of carbon you had in your brain prior to commencing with the activated charcoal, your own metabolism, and the quantity of activated charcoal that is ingested.

I first clearly noticed that the speed of my typing was faster and my reflexes were quicker .. as well as several other physical improvements. I then gradually noticed an increasing ability to think more quickly, more clearly, more deeply, more creatively, and on a much wider range of matters.

I have no doubt that, as a result of taking activated charcoal, I have VERY significantly boosted my brain power!


3. Connection between genius and madness:

It is often said that there is a fine line between genius and madness. And, if you google "bipolar and genius" or "bipolar and famous", you will see a long list of famous bipolar people.

What I have explained in Paper #7 and above explains this connection between genius and madness.

The brain of a brilliantly clever person or someone we may classify as a genius sucks in huge amounts of fuel, carbon of the type that comes from the burning of wood or other pure organic matter .. thus their resulting intellectual ability of the highest order. See Example 1 in Point 3 of Paper #7.

But if, over time, too much carbon has been sucked in, there will then be a depletion of carbon to the point that the brain of the brilliant person or genius will not function correctly .. and the likely result will then be anxiety disorder, depression, or bipolar disorder.

In fact all three problems, culminating in severe bipolar, are quite likely because of the severity of the deficiency in carbon caused by a brain of this type .. that is, one that sucks in huge amounts of fuel, carbon.

It is for this reason .. a deficiency in carbon of the type that comes from the burning of wood or other pure organic matter .. that many brilliant people and geniuses eventually develop severe mental health problems, including severe bipolar disorder where the upswing into mania takes the sufferer into a psychotic state where they hallucinate and lose all touch with reality, that is, they go insane.

As explained in Paper #7, if carbon in the form of activated charcoal is ingested, these individuals can return to full mental health, or they can prevent the problem from arising in the first place.

And it is very likely that, by ingesting activated charcoal, they will then find they have a MUCH GREATER level of brilliance or genius than they previously had.


4. Specific adverse side-effects:

Prescribed medication: If you are taking any prescribed medication, you should not ingest activated charcoal in the two hours before taking the medication or in the two hours after taking it. Otherwise, the activated charcoal may interfere with the medication. This is MOST important.

Tremor, shaking or grinding: If, after commencing with the activated charcoal, you experience any tremor or shaking in your fingers, hands or legs, or any grinding of your teeth, then this is a sign that the dosage of activated charcoal is too high. In this case, reduce the dosage to the level at which the tremor, shaking or grinding disappears; and, if it still continues, then you should cease using activated charcoal because this is a sign that your body has all the carbon it needs without the additional carbon in the activated charcoal. 

Prescribed medication for a mental illness: Obviously, if you have a mental illness and are taking prescribed medication for it, you should continue taking the medication until your Doctor tells you to stop taking it.


5. Need for medical research:

Because the above ideas are novel, they have not yet been examined and tested by medical science.

It is my hope that the ideas will soon be examined and tested by medical research institutes, hospitals, university medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare companies and other organisations.


6. Risk of possible adverse side-effects:

For all treatments recommended in this Paper #8, I repeat the warning in Point 3 of Paper #1:

"Almost all medical treatments carry with them the risk of possible adverse side-effects, either for all people or just for some people.

It is therefore VERY important that, before carrying out any of the treatments recommended in the papers, you first check with your Doctor that it will be safe for you to do.

This is especially important if you are very ill, if you are pregnant or might be pregnant, if you are elderly, or if you are taking any prescribed medication.

I am not a Doctor. And, as we all know, medical science is extremely complex. So, please make sure you first check with your Doctor before carrying out any of the recommended treatments.

And if, after commencing a treatment, you believe it might be causing an adverse side-effect, you should immediately stop the treatment and check with your Doctor."


That concludes Paper #8. 

Next is Paper #9, in which I deal with cancers including breast cancer. 

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Love one another and care for our planet,


Gee Ryan (Gerald)

16 November 2014



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